Three Wheels Around Oz

Support in Australia

Privacy I am only pulishing the name, city and e-mail address of each POC on the website. I will also have their street address and phone number but I will only make that information available if I receive specific requests from known individuals.

If you would like to volunteer to be a point of contact as Conrad passes though your town, please let us know. please let us know as soon as possible so that his family can mail you letters and parcels in time to arrive before Conrad cycles into town.   If you do not live on the route perhaps you could suggest a friend or relative who might be interested in being a POC.

New South Wales Canberra, ACT
Queensland Brisbane
Northern Terrortories Darwin
Western Australia Perth
South Australia Adelaide
Victoria Melbourne

As Conrad is cycling without a support vehicle we are hoping that people in the towns on his route will volunteer to help. We are looking for someone in each town to act as a Point-of-Contact (POC).  Hopefully the POC will meet Conrad when he arrives in town and maybe pass on some mail or news from his home in England and also give a short report to this website on his progress. His family and friends are always interested in reports on his health and spirits as well as anecdotes about his daily experiences.