Three Wheels Around Oz

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Round-Australia tricycle man contemplates a far horizon
BRISBANE, April 16 AAP|Published: Tuesday April 16, 4:35 PM

A British man riding a tricycle around Australia for charity says he tries not to think about how far he has to go.

Conrad Evans, who has epilepsy and cerebral palsy, is making the 10-month, 15,000km solo journey around Australia to raise money for the medical charity Action Research.

Mr Evans, 28, left Sydney early in March and was today at Caboolture, north of Brisbane, around 900km into his marathon, with the longest and loneliest stretches still to come. "I try not to think too much about it, but it can get very depressing at times," he said today.

"I've got a map which I am getting people to sign en route and every time I get the map out it shows the whole of Australia - it's very big and I am going very slowly.

"When you look at the map you realise it's a long way."

Mr Evans said he had broken the trip into stages to avoid worrying about how far there remained to go.

"I've got a week's ride to Rockhampton and then from Rockhampton to Cairns - I just take it in stages."

Mr Evans described his ride through Brisbane as a nightmare because police prevented him from riding on the Pacific Motorway and he had to find his way along ordinary roads.

"It was far worse than Sydney," he said.

Mr Evans is travelling without a support crew and has to carry all his supplies with him, including clothes, a tent, a sleeping bag and fresh water.

He rode across America in 1999 and hopes to complete his Australian marathon in Sydney in January next year.

Mr Evans' journey can be followed on his website www.time2meet.com/oz.

By John Sheed