Three Wheels Around Oz

November 2002













Friday, November 29th - Norseman Caravan Park - 9,962km/6,226m

Thursday, November 28th - Norseman Caravan Park - 9,962km/6,226m

Wednesday, November 27th - Norseman Caravan Park - 9,962km/6,226m

Tuesday, November 26th - Widgiemootha Road House - 9,854km


Monday, November 25th - Bullabulling Rest Area - 9,746km


Sunday, November 24th - Koorarawalyee Rest Area - 9,655km


Saturday, November 23rd - Southern Cross Caravan Park - 9,587km


Friday, November 22 - Bush Camp - 9,551

Camped between Bodallin & Moorine Rock (78km)

An e-amil from Con:

Great, I am plodding my towards the Nullabor Plain which will be my last stretch of wilderness, which I want to get done but sad at the sametime because being in the middle of nowhere is absolutly fantastic.

There is some magic about being one of less than 1000 people in a 100 mile radius. The stars at night when you camp are trumendous.

The temp is not too bad it is in the 30's and ocasional 40's during the day and down to between 8-15 at night pretty nippy in the morning, fleece weather. I am covering up while riding though and plastering sun cream on neck, nose, face and hands.

They also have farm vehicle movement bans on when it gets too hot so they do not cause bush fires in cornfields. The 2nd test starts tomorrow in Adelaide. Arn't we doing well there are alot of Aussies taking great pleasure in reminding us how much better they are than us. The media is having a field day.

Best Regards, Conrad Evans"

Thursday, November 21st - Merriden Oasis Motel - 9,473km


Wednesday, November 20th - Kallerberrin Showgrounds  - 9,411km

Tuesday, November 19th - Kallerberrin Showgrounds - 9,411km


Monday, November 18th - Tamin Town Park - 9,366km


Sunday, November 17th - Northam 9,279 km/ 5,800m

Conrad called home and reported that the heat, 38deg C/100 deg F, was a concern but he would be heading out towards Kalgoorlie soon. He is planning to get to Adelaide about December 15th.

Saturday, November 16th - Northam Caravan Park

Friday, November 15th - Northam 9,279 km/ 5,800m

"Dear All

I would like to just update you all on my progress.  I am currently plodding my way towards Norseman and the mighty Nullabor Plain, which I only travel about 20km of true Nullabor Plain just after the Nullabor Roadhouse.  The highlight of this will be travelling 145km on the straightest road in the world.

I have spent the past few weeks in Perth with Margaret and Bob Hadlow who are wonderful and I had a great time in Perth as I was in a great need of a rest on arriving in Perth and spent most of my time doing nothing and just relaxing.

That's All

Best Regards, Conrad Evans"

Thursday, November 14th, - Northam 9,279 km/ 5,800m

I received the following Progress Report:

"Conrad called into the Avon Valley Newspaper in Northam on Wednesday, November 13, at about 3.30pm. Northam is a large town about 100 kilometres east of Perth. Conrad spoke to a journalist about getting his story printed in the local paper. The journalist was told that Conrad would stay in Northam overnight before commencing the long ride to Kalgoorlie (about 600 kilometres) on Thursday, November 14.
Conrad looked well and was keen to continue his journey.
Best of luck, Conrad,  from Nathan Watson."

Wednesday, November 13th - Northam Caravan Park 9,279 km/ 5,800m

Tuesday, November 12th - Bakers Hill Caravan Park

Monday, November 11th - Mundaring Travellers Rest

Sunday, November 10th - Coolabah Lodge

Today I discovered that a newspaper article had appeared in the October 26th edition of the Post, a newspaper of the Perth suburbs. The article has a picture of Conrad with his hosts  Bob and Margaret Hadlow.  Click here

Saturday, November 9th - Coolabah Lodge

Friday, November 8th - Coolabah Lodge

Thursday, November 7th - Coolabah Lodge

Wednesday, November 6th - Perth, The Hadlows

Tuesday, November 5th - Perth, The Hadlows

Monday, November 4th - Perth, The Hadlows

Sunday, November 3rd - Perth, The Hadlows

Saturday, November 2nd -Perth, The Hadlows

Friday, November 1st - Perth, The Hadlows

Wesley Scrutton came from Sydney and spent the weekend with Conrad.