Three Wheels Around Oz

May 2002













Wednesday, May 29 - Cairns - 72 days

"Dear all

I have made it to Cairns and completed part two of my trek round Oz.  I have had a really great time coming up the east coast and had a few experiences that were different from the norm.  Like the stay in Bowen Hospital to avoid some blisters from getting infected.  It annoyed me at the time but I was not going to argue with the Matron who told me I was staying.  It turned out to be for the best and I am going to avoid any more incidents like that.

I have been making great progress since Bowen and I have been out onto the Great Barrier Reef where I went snorkling which was fantastic.  I saw lots of tropical fish and turtles and it is just amazing the whole thing.  Other than the reef I have just rested in Cairns getting by trike ready for the next leg to Darwin,

In Cairns we have had two US ships in town.  So the whole town has been full of US marines and navy.

I went to a sugar museum in Innesfail which was interesting.  Sugar is Australia's 2nd largest export after wheat and it was the first country to become totally mechanised in the harvesting of sugar.  It also has the largest narrow gage rail network in the world.  Enough facts about the Aussie sugar industry.

I am planning to go up to Cape Tribulation which is the oldest rainforest  in the world.

More later, Regards, Conrad Evans"

Tuesday, May 28 - Cairns - 71 days

Con called from Cairns at 11am Australian time All is well. He has been there since Thursday and he is heading north to Port Douglas on Wednesday. Apparently he is carrying 35 liters of water and has had two punctures and replaced two tires. He hopes to reach Darwin by June 25th. 

Saturday, May 18 - Ayr - 61 days

Conrad called his parents today, from Ayr, and explained why we had received no news from him for the last ten days. While sailing to the Whitsuntide Islands recently,   Conrad carelessly enjoyed the sunshine. His feet, which rarely see daylight, became severly  burnt and cycling caused the burns to blister badly enough for him to go to Bowen hospital for treatment. They burst and dressed the blister and instructed him to return the following day to change the dressing. When he returned they decided that it was serious enough for him to stay in hospital. Con stayed in hostpital for 6 days enjoying their "hospitality!" However, he is now fully recovered and back in the saddle.

I think that his friend Andy informed the campsite and they secured his trike and trailer while he was away and everything was intact on his return.

Wednesday, May 8 - Airlie Beach - 51 days - 2,076 km/1,298m

Dear All

I am here in Airlie Beach where I have been resting for the past two days. I am here with a fella called Andy Short I have been cycling with him since I met him at The Caves and we are going up the coast and reaching Cairns in about the same time. He is from Southampton and has cycled from Perth and is stopping in Cairns because he is going to New Zealand to settle. We are cycling together by meeting each other in set places where we can get refreshments. This is good because we are both cycling at our own pace.

I have also met two Japanese cyclists who are cycling round from Cairns and so on the last leg. They are crazy because when you ask them if they have enjoyed it they say no and when you ask why are you doing it they do not know. They are crazy because they seem to turn up at every campsite in the dark irrelevent of how many km they have done. There is an Aussie that is cycling from Hervey Bay up to Cairns possibly because he has no destination and is just playing the whole trip by ear. He won't go any further than Cairns because you have to carry too much water.

Yesterday Andy and I went sailing to Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island on a 40ft yacht. This was fantastic. Really great fun when they hoisted up the sails and we started to sail. I really did enjoy the sailing, especally when the boat piched. They are not made for comfort on deck and after a while it becomes very hard. The beach was a beach very fine sand, very beauiful where I ventured into the sea for the first time on this trip.

abc_andersonA.jpg (7141 bytes) In Rockhampton I did an interview on the local radio for ABC and was played out on air. I have met a few people who heard the piece. So on the media front things are going well.

Thats all for now.
Conrad Evans

Picture of Con with ABC's David Anderson.


Monday, May 6 - 49 days

No news from Con.

Friday, May 3rd - 46 days

I discovered Conrad's Radio interview on the ABC website at http://www.abc.net.au/centralqld/stories/s546750.htm