Three Wheels Around Oz

Conrad Evans: An Extraordinary Man with an Extraordinary Mission

My name is Conrad Evans. I am 27 years old and have cerebral palsy, right hemiplegia, and epilepsy. But my disability has not and will not stop me from doing anything that I want to do – because I will not let it stop me. My disability is a reason to do something rather than a reason not to and I feel that I should use what I have to inspire others to believe that they can also do what they want to if they just put their mind to it. As missions go, I don’t think that this is a bad one, and I would like to ask you for your help.

Three Wheels Around Oz

With this in mind, I ask you to come with me on a journey – an extraordinary journey to Australia. Your part in the journey will be virtual, but vital to its success. My part in the expedition will be much more physical.

In 2002, I am planning to cycle around the coast of Australia on my ‘trike’. In March 2002 I will set off on my ‘Three Wheels Around OZ’ expedition from Sydney Opera house and cycle a 10,000 mile journey round the coast of Australia, aiming to arrive back in sydney in January 2003. The principal objective of the expedition is to raise funds for the medical research charity, Action Research.

My interest in cycling started in junior school when, being unable to ride a bike, I was given a trike instead. From there, my growing passion for cycling led to my raising 1,305 GBP for the charity Scope(formerly the Spastics Society) through a Lands End to John O’Groats, End to End ride in 1994.

My biggest trip to date was ‘Three Wheels Across America’ in 1999, cycling 4,750 miles from San Francisco, CA to Yorktown, VA in just over 4 months. This time I raised 7,500 GBP for Scope, and, more importantly, wetted my appetite to take on a totally global adventure. Thus the idea for ‘three Wheels Around Oz’ was born.

To turn the idea of ‘Three Wheels Around Oz’ into reality, I will need your help. If you can just take the time to read this document you will find details of the many ways in which you or your Company can help me to complete my extraordinary journey, as well as raise 15,000 GBP to support vital medical research in the process.