Three Wheels Around Oz


Letter Sent to Kempsey and Coff's Harbour local newspapers

Conrad Evans: by Trike Around Oz

Conrad Evans is a 27 year old adventurer from the United Kingdom who has cerebral palsy, right hemiplegia, and epilepsy. His disability does not stop him from doing anything he wants to do – because he will not let it stop him. Conrad sees his disability as a reason to DO something rather than a reason NOT to. He feels he should use what he
has to inspire others, to discover that they can do what they want to do if they just put their mind to it. Quite a mission.

So, unable to ride a bike, Conrad found a way to adventure anyway. By tricycle. A resident of the UK, in 1994 Conrad took on his first big triking challenge, the "End to End" ride from Land's End to John O’ Groats, on which he raised funds for the UK charity Scope.

In 1999, his Three Wheels Across America adventure took him 4,750 miles coast to coast from San Francisco to Yorktown in just over 4 months. While raising more funds for Scope, Con also found he had an appetite for global adventure. Thus the idea for Three Wheels Around Oz was born.

Con arrived in Australia in early March. He set off without fanfare from the Sydney Opera House on 16 March 2002 on his 10 month journey around our coastline. His planned route takes him from Sydney to Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and back to Sydney. He aims to arrive back in Sydney in January 2003. The principal objective of the expedition is to raise funds for the medical research charity, Action Research.

Right now he is in Hawk's Nest, and getting into the swing of cycling. On the road he travels largely unsupported, though he has a small band of helpers in towns along the way. The latest on Con's epic journey can be found at http://www.time2meet.com/oz/. Conrad would greatly appreciate any support, however little. You can send him an
encouraging email at trikeevans@hotmail.com . To offer more practical support en route go to http://www.time2meet.com/oz/support.htm. For donations, go to the Action page https://secure.actionresearch.co.uk/sponsor/ and type in Three Wheels.  If you see or hear of Con's adventure you can keep his family and friends up to date here: http://www.time2meet.com/oz/index.shtml.

Lastly you can telephone Conrad on his mobile 0405 383 554.

Please help if you can.





Interview on Rockhampton Radio, ABC Radio Capricornia, Queensland

"I encountered Conrad when I spotted his trike outside an internet cafe in Rockhampton and I approached him for a chat for my Breakfast radio program, heard throughout Central Queensland. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him, and am most grateful for the time and energy he devoted to fulfilling my request.
Certainly, I'm sure he will be eagerly sought after by ABC Queensland personnel as he continues his trip.

Kindest regards, and thanks,
David Anderson, Breakfast Presenter,
ABC Radio Capricornia, Queensland AUSTRALIA"

Incredible Trike Ride


Reporter: David Anderson

Friday, 3 May  2002

abc_anderson.jpg (47285 bytes)
David Anderson and Conrad Evans with the trike that's making its way around Australia

Though he would not admit it, Conrad Evans can be described as a hero.

Conrad is 28 years of age, hails from England, has ridden a 1956 model tricycle with baggage trailer across the United States from coast to coast, and is currently embarking on a ‘round Australia trip which should see him arrive at the steps of the Opera House, Sydney, in early March next year.

Oh! By the way, Conrad has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

He told David Anderson he enjoys these kinds of trips, and generally sets himself a goal to complete 100 kilometres each day, something he calls “comfortable touring”, or, as we’d say, just poking along.

Conrad left Rockhampton on Thursday and is scheduled to arrive in Mackay around Saturday afternoon.

If you see him on the road, give him a little room, and a ‘toot’ in support.