Three Wheels Around Oz

August 2002













Sunday, August 31, 2002 - Broome

Conrad called home to Tring. He is still in Broome as he is waiting for a friend to get ready so that they can cycle the next leg of the jouney together.

Monday, August 26th - Broome

"Dear All

Hi I have made it to Broome where I am staying at the BBO Broome Bird Observatory. The BBO is about 25 km outside Broome and very quite and relaxing. I arrived last Wednesday and will leave on Thursday 29/08/02, staying for about a week to rest and get myself ready for my next leg down to Perth. It is the first time that I have seen the sea since 03/06/02, 2.5 months which is a long time when you are cycling round the coast.

I have been at the following since Hals Creek:
15/08 Mary Pool Rest Area 113km
16/08 Ngunban Cliff Rest Area 86km
17/08 Fitzroy River Lodge 108km
18/08 Ellendale Rest Area 93km
19/08 Bush Camp 30km from Derby T/o 100km
20/08 Nillibubbica Rest Area 108km
21/08 Broome Bird Observatory 115km

I have met a few people on route a Dutch couple at Mary Pool, which was a rest area that resembled a caravan park because there were so many vans. I met a Pomm who had been working with the Australian Swimming Team for 9 months and then decided to travel round Ausralia for the last 3 months. As well as this I met a couple who live in Albany and have given me their address to visit them when I get to Albany.

The ride from Halls Creek has been largly undulating scrub and an exciting 20km around Ngunban Cliffs which was gorgious in the morning sun. The red rock does look fantastic when the sun shines on it.

Thats all for now
Regards, Conrad Evans"

Thursday, August 22nd - Broome - 6,772km/4,232m

Received  a brief e-mail saying that he was hoping to have an interview with a reporter and he has a new mobile phone number. 0439 914 575

Wednesday, August 21st - Broome Bird Observatory

Tuesday, August 20th - Nillibubbica Rest Area

Monday, August 19th - Bush Camp

Sunday, August 18th - Ellendale Rest Area

Saturday, August 17th - Fitzroy River Lodge

Friday, August 16th - Ngunban Cliff Rest Area

Thursday, August 15th - Mary Pool Rest Area

Wednesday, August 14th -

Tuesday, August 13th - Halls Creek Caravan Park

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Conrad,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Received this e-mail today:

"Dear All,

I have made it into WA since I last e-mailed you all. I have had quite an exciting ride down from Katherine. The terrain is undulating and winding round escarpments, making the ride extremely interesting and beautiful especially in the evening sun on the red rock makes and awesome sight.

The weather at the moment is very hot about 30 degrees in the shade and I do not think that I have sweated quite so much in all my life. I am laving a town or roadhouse with between 20-25 litres of water, 20-25kg in weight that is lasting me about 3 days and 2 nights. At the same tine from dawn to dusk I am plagued with flies that are relentless in their pursuit for water settling in the corner of your eyes and the unfortunately being swallowed by myself. I cannot complain because I am only here by choice.

Halls Creek was the first town in Western Australia for gold to be discovered. I am camped in the Halls Creek Caravan Park where I have done some washing and had a shower.

Since Katherine I have stayed at
31/07 Rest Area 57 km from Katherine 56
01/08 Sullivan Campground Gregory Nat Park 122
02/08 Victoria River Roadhouse 18
03/08 Circle F Caravan Park Timber Creek 92
04/08 Rest Area 117 km west of Timber Creek 120
05/08 Town Caravan Park Kununurra 114
06/08 Kimberlyland Caravan Park Kununurra 7
07/08 Cockburn Turnoff Rest Area 50
08/08 Denham River Rest Area 37
09/08 Bow River Bush Camp 90
10/08 Spring Creek Rest Area 84
11/08 Little Panton River Rest Area 66
12/08 Halls Creek Caravan Park 56
13/08 Halls Creek Caravan Park

All the rest areas in WA can not be relied upon for water and so I have to carry all my water for the journeys between roadhouses or towns. I have met a few people on this section of my journey I have camped with three people twice an 82 year old chap called Arthur and a couple from Nottingham England called Trena and Terry. I cycled a little with Arthur (he is not cycling but does have a bike) 20km from Spring Creek. Trena and Terry are in a van travelling down to Broome and then back up to Darwin.

I stayed an extra day in Kununurra because Anne and Corinne where there having to wait for a rack to come because one had broken about 40km out of Dunmarra (where I last saw them). Some friends of Anne and Corinne who are travelling up from Broome stopped and gave me a drink and some food, they had been told that they would meet me on their travels by Anne and Corinne, Thank you.

Chris was a chap I met on the road cycling the opposite way to me going round to Melbourne from Perth. He was riding a recumbent trike and taking his time to cycle up the coast.

I think that is all the news that I have at the moment.


Conrad Evans"

Monday August 12th - Halls Creek Caravan Park - 6,085km/3,803m

E-mail from Keith in England:

"Hi. Just a quick note to say that Conrad phoned Margaret at home at 08:30 this morning (15:30 with him) to say that he is in Halls Creek, in Western Australia. He is heading on towards Broome, which is 800 km away and he says he is going to do his best to get there by the weekend or soon after.

He is in high spirits and is very well. Regrettably though, we will not be able to wish him a happy birthday tomorrow, as he will be out in the bush somewhere. The temperatures are higher now, up to 30 C in the shade, so he is carrying even more water. He is also carrying more food after nearly running out back before Tennants Creek! He has also been through some Aborigine areas and has met a greater number than hitherto, which has been interesting. - Keith"

Sunday, August 11th - Little Panton River Rest Area

Saturday, August 10th - Spring Creek Rest Area

Friday, August 9th - Bow River Bush Camp

Thursday, August 8th - Denham River Rest Area

Morag heard from Con, briefly, and all is well - including the weather.

Wednesday, August 7th - Cockburn Turnoff Rest Area

Received the following e-mail via Conrad's parents:

"Dear Mr & Mrs Evans,

My wife and I ran into Conrad about a month ago I think. We have been on an outback trip and reached home in Sydney yesterday. I asked Conrad for your e-mail address as I know you must be anxious and any news of his progress and well-being will be welcome. We met him at a very remore roadhouse in the N. Territory just after he had cycled the Barclay Tableland. This is a very trying and remote road even in a 4WD. On a trike I cannot begin to really appreciate the scale of his achievement and determination. I have to say I have never in 67 years on this planet been so deeply affected by a chance meeting. I really found it difficult to come to terms with that level of courage and faith in one's own ability. For an able-bodied person to attempt what Conrad has taken on would be remarkable. For someone with Conrad's disabilities it's beyond my experience. I've thought of him every day since then and I will continue to marvel at his progress and be humbled by his courage, intelligence and humility. I have to admit I will be relieved when it's over so I can only guess how you must be feeling. You must be very proud. If you have any way of communicating with Conrad over the next weeks, please remember me to him. My name is Robin Heeps and my wife is Bernadette.We met him at the Three Ways Roadhouse. I should add that he looked very well and was in great spirits.

Many thanks

Robin Heeps"

Tuesday, August 6th - Kimberlyland Caravan Park Kununurra

Monday, August 5th - Town Caravan Park Kununurra

Sunday, August 4th - Rest Area

Saturday, August 3rd - Timber Creek

Cycled 92 km to Timber Creek, however he has lost his mobile somewhere on route, which may or may not prove to be a problem later.

The terrain has been interesting with a number of beautiful escarpments, but the vegetation is going back to scrub, although there are still some tallish trees which provide shade.

In about 200 km (probably Monday) he crosses from Northern Territory into Western Australia, when the clocks go back one and a half hours. This may be a problem, with dawn and dusk times - at present, dawn is around 7:00 AM and dusk 6:30 PM - the clock change will mean that on the eastern edge of WA, it will be dark at 5:00 PM!

Friday, August 2nd - Victoria River Roadhouse

Con spent the morning changing trailer tyres and mending punctures in spare tubes, then cycled 18 km to Victoria River Roadhouse.

Thursday, August 1st - Sullivan Campground Gregory Nat Park

I received the following e-mail from the "Send a Progress Report" link on this website:

"Met Conrad across the road from the Daly Waters Pub in Daly Waters (population 20)! I was on the last leg of a 3500km motorbike ride from Brisbane to Darwin. Earlier that day I had ridden passed Conrad on his Trike and I thought, "Gee! He looks exhausted hanging on at that rakish angle." I later found out that this angle was probably an ordinary sitting position for Conrad, who's right hand doesn;t open very well.

We got talking and before long were across at the pub drinking Guiness. There were three of us involved in a "shout" Conrad and I on Guiness pints and an Aboriginal Stockman named Joe on VB cans. I think Joe got the worst deal from the shout!

After a hard day in the saddle for all three of us it was a nice way to relax the tiredness of the road and exchange it for the tiredness of dehydration from alcohol.   Conrad managed to convince the band to play 1 or 2 Aussie classics for him, but was a tad disappointed when they muffed "6 white boomers!" I was keen to get up and sing but soon realised that they were only teasing me, when they asked if I wanted to sing! Little did they know that I have been wanting to start a band for some years! We ate steaks, drank beer, listened to music and stories from the locals and other travellers. There were some Irish who had bought a second hand car from a car yard for A$2000 and had it start making horrible grinding noises by Daly Waters, a journey of maybe 600 kms!


What a gorgeous little pub! People from all over the world have plastered the walls with id cards, photos, notes and coins in a not alltogether unsuccessful attempt at immortality!  Good drinking with you!

Glad Conrad had his bike serviced! The tyres were looking very well worn in Daly Waters!

Have a great rest of trip!    
Nim Jayawardhana,