Alan Conrad's Experiences in the RAF During World War 2


1945 Page 1

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  45A01.jpg (9329 bytes) 45A-01 D07 Sunderland Mark 111 at anchor.
  45A02.jpg (5955 bytes) 45-A-02 D08  An earlier make of Sunderland.
  45A03.jpg (11834 bytes) 45-A-03 E10 Lord Louis Mountbatten visiting us at Koggala to give us a pep talk.
  J02A.jpg (6984 bytes) 45-A-05 India 1945
  K01A.jpg (11896 bytes) 45-A-06 A Rupee note  produced by Japan.(1945)
  45A08.jpg (28697 bytes) 45-A-08 Inside the courtyard of the swe dagon pagoda, rangoon. The airman on the extreme left is the only photo of me in Burma. 1945
  45A09.jpg (33878 bytes) 45-A-09  Swe Dagon Pagoda Rangoon. The 110 m high Swe Dagon Pagoda, looking down onto the city from a hill. Its surface is plaited with over 30 tons of gold, brought since hundreds of years by millions of pilgrims. It dates back 2500 years. According to the legend, it was built by two merchant brothers that have received eight hairs of Buddha. With the help of a number of heavenly creatures and the king they discovered the hill where in a small chamber the relics of other Buddhas have been enshrined. They added the new hairs and covered the chamber with a golden slab.

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