Alan Conrad's Experiences in the RAF During World War 2


1944 Page 1

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  44A01.jpg (26160 bytes) 44-A-01 Short Sunderland.
(Lake Koggala,Ceylon 1944 )
  44A02.jpg (18456 bytes) 44-A-02 Shop by roadside near Koggala.
(Lake Koggala,Ceylon 1944 )
  44A03.jpg (24046 bytes) 44-A-03 Consolidated Catalina over our bathing place behind a coral reef at Koggala.(Newspaper cutting)
(Lake Koggala,Ceylon 1944 )
  B02A.jpg (9339 bytes) 44-A-04 Aden, February 1944
  44A05.jpg (16974 bytes) 44-A-05
  44A06.jpg (8170 bytes) 44-A-06  This photograph has a stamp on the back by Aden Security dated 16 February 1944.
  44A07.jpg (33140 bytes) 44-A-07 Christmas Dinner Menu, December 1944.
  44A08.jpg (22726 bytes) 44-A-08 New year's Eve Dinner Menu December 1944
  44A09.jpg (16543 bytes) 44-A-09 Signatures on the back of the New year's Eve Dinner Menu. December 1944
  44A10.jpg (5068 bytes) 44-A-10 Certificate of innoculation against Yellow Fever dated February 8, 1944

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