Alan Conrad's Experiences in the RAF During World War 2


1943, Page 3

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  G07A.jpg (16952 bytes) 43-C-01 Kenya 1943
  G08A.jpg (16613 bytes) 43-C-02 Housewives near Nanyuki, Kenya.1943
  43C03.jpg (15122 bytes) 43-C-03 After a very painful trot on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya. 1943
  43C04.jpg (18699 bytes) 43-C-04 Outside billet,  Worth, Clayton, Moore, Whittingham, Airey - in front Shirley, Foxon. Dar es Salaam, 1943
  43C05.jpg (12777 bytes) 43-C-05  On the road journey between Morogoro and Kosogive when going on leave. Tanganyika. 1943.   Refreshment stop on road journey from Kosogive to Morogoro, Tanganika 1943. This was filling the gap in the railway between Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.
  43C06.jpg (14491 bytes) 43-C-06 At the controls of the blitz wagon. An 11 year old International trruck on farm at Naivasha ( The first vehicle I ever drove.) 1943
  43C07.jpg (19154 bytes) 43-C-07 Patel Trading Store on the main and only street in Nanyuki, Kenya.1943
  43C08.jpg (15035 bytes) 43-C-08 Outside the billet at RAF Station Dar es Salaam, 1943
  43C09.jpg (40588 bytes) 43-C-09 Engine maintenanceon a Sunderland Mk 111 possibly at Dar es Salaam1943
  43C10.jpg (100659 bytes) 43-C-10  

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