Alan Conrad's Experiences in the RAF During World War 2


1943, Page 1

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  D01A.jpg (13289 bytes) 43-A-01 Bill, George, Alan & Don. John pouring the bottle. Christmas Day 1943. Temperature 100deg F.
  D02A.jpg (24756 bytes) 43-A-02 Alan with Norman Worth at Dar es Salaam. November 1943. (Note sleepy expression due to long service overseas.)
  G01A.jpg (13833 bytes) 43-A-03 Headquarters staff at 70 OTU, Nanyuki, 1943

43A04.jpg (53447 bytes)

  The newspaper clipping above is dated November 27, 1943 43-A-04
  43A05.jpg (8334 bytes) 43-A-05 Interior of the billet with mosquito nets at Dar es Salaam. 1943
  C04A.jpg (10854 bytes) 43-A-06 C04 Douglas Boston at Nanyuki. These replaced some of our Blenheims.
  C06A.jpg (9787 bytes) 43-A-07  C06  Riding at Raymond Hook's farm on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya.
  D03A.jpg (26527 bytes) 43-A-08 D03 Squadron crest. The tiger and the palm tree were cribbed from a beer bottle label.
  F03A.jpg (7987 bytes) 43-A-09 F03 Mount Kenya.
  F05A.jpg (18067 bytes) 43-A-10   F05 Signs at Nanyuki, Kenya.

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