Alan Conrad's Experiences in the RAF During World War 2


1942, Page 3

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  F08A.jpg (10555 bytes) 42-C-01  F08 Junkers JU52 freighter at Eastleigh, Nairobi. Alan travelled from Wadi Gazouza to Khartoum then to Nanuki, Kenya in this plane. 1942
  42C02.jpg (20230 bytes) 42-C-02 Alan, nervously lighting up a morning smoke for Lucy. Nanyuki, Kenya  1942
  42C03.jpg (8988 bytes) 42-C-03  Kenya 1942
  42C04.jpg (19723 bytes) 42-C-04  Kenya 1942
  42C05.jpg (16658 bytes) 42-C-05 Kenya 1942
  42C06.jpg (10487 bytes) 42-C-06  Outspan Hotel, Nyeri, Kenya 1942
  42C07.jpg (17031 bytes) 42-C-07    These are bedrooms at the Outspan Hotel in Nyeri , Kenya. 1942
  42C08.jpg (11553 bytes) 42-C-08  Kenya 1942
  42C09.jpg (15381 bytes) 42-C-09 
  42C10.jpg (13184 bytes) 42-C-10 Douglas Boston and Bristol Blenheim under repair at Nanyuki.1942

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