Alan Conrad's Experiences in the RAF During World War 2


1942, Page 2

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  E01A.jpg (7884 bytes) 42-B-01 Convoy at Tessinie. April 1942
  E02A.jpg (11059 bytes) 42-B-02 A well on the Nile near Khartoum. April 1942
  E09A.jpg (13133 bytes) 42-B-03  De Bono Avenue, Asmara, Eritrea.February 1942
  G03A.jpg (12332 bytes) 42-B-04  A morbid session on New year's Eve 1942, fueled by Canadian Club Whiskey. ( Occasionally depression set in. This was one of those occasions.)
  42B05.jpg (13324 bytes) 42-B-05 Asmara-  Dessie road: Alomata Pass ( mt. 2450) In the background: Cobbo Plain (mt. 1400). February 1942
  C05A.jpg (22726 bytes) 42-B-06  Sitting on an old International truck with my bag of two pigeons. This was while on leave at Hilliars Farm near Naivasha, Kenya. A taste of civilised homelife in 1942.
  C07A.jpg (15748 bytes) 42-B-07    Seeing the sights of Nairobi, Kenya.1942
  E06A.jpg (7186 bytes) 42-B-08  Outside the billet at Wadi Gazouza. After 211 squadron left we transferred from tents to the billets. January 1942
  F01A.jpg (13861 bytes) 42-B-09 Native village Kenya 1942.
  F04A.jpg (20225 bytes) 42-B-10  Nanyuki 1942.

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