Alan Conrad's Experiences in the RAF During World War 2


1941 Page 2

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  A14A.jpg (12963 bytes) 41-B-01 HMT Georgic in Port Tewfik harbour, Egypt October 1941.

The English renegade (nicknamed Lord "Haw Haw") who broadcast propaganda from Germany claimed that it had been sunk which we denied. When I saw it it was obvious that the only reasonit had not sunk was that the water was too shallow.

  A16A.jpg (53077 bytes)  

41-B-02 "Flyer" for camp cinema at Kasfareet, Egypt October1941

  B04.jpg (88050 bytes) 41-B-03 Aerial photograph of R.A.F.Wadi Gazouza, Sudan 1941
  B05.jpg (13990 bytes) A41-B-04 Alan in Egypt, 1941
  B06.jpg (15744 bytes)  

41-B-05 Holding a pet chameleon on a stick. It was very useful picking flies off your stomach as you lay on your bed.  1941

  B07.jpg (11579 bytes) 41-B-06 Our tent on sandy scrubland. 1941
  B08.jpg (16599 bytes) 41-B-07 Rocky outcrop nearby. 1941
  B09.jpg (12403 bytes) 41-B-08 In Sinkat a little village nearby. 1941
  B10.jpg (29726 bytes) 41-B-09 Sinkat. 941
  B11.jpg (13907 bytes) 41-B-10 Sinkat. (BO4 to B10were all taken around Wadi Gazouza 1941

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