Alan Conrad's Experiences in the RAF During World War 2


1941 Page 1


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41-A-01 May 13, 1941. Enlistment Notice commonly known as the "papers". Many conversations included the phrase "he has got his papers".

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41-A-02 May 13, 1941. Reverse side of Enlistment Notice

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41-A-03 Alan between two photographer friends, Con Condor and Fletch Fletcher, with a Bristol Blenheim MK 4 at 211 Squadron.
(Wadi Gazouza, Sudan, December 25, 1941)

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41-A-04 Alan with Fletch and Blenheim
(Wadi Gazouza, Sudan December 25, 1941)

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41-A-05 Blenheim at Wadi Gazouza
(Wadi Gazouza, Sudan December 1941)

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41-A-06 Crossing the Equator ceremony on a troop ship.The occasion was ignored on my troopship.September 1941.

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41-A-07 H.M.S.Battle Cruiser Repulse which escorted us round the Cape in September 1941. (Her voyage did not end in Cape Town but, sadly, a few months later at the bottom of the South China Sea alongside the battleship :Prince of Wales)

  A07A.jpg (6804 bytes) 41-A-08 HMS Repulse at Capetown.
(Capetown, South Africa September 1941)
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41-A-09 Issue of Service number at R.A.F. Padgate
(Warrington, Lancashire 1941)

  C10A.jpg (8981 bytes) 41-A-10  Aden 1941.