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About the Hiking Marathon

This hiking marathon was started by an idea that came from Hot Springs, AR, where the community,held a marathon on their trails. Fairfield Glade volunteers have been building trails for four years and it was thought that holding a marathon would be a great way to promote the use of the trails. The Friends of the Trails offered to organize the event and generous sponsors stepped forward which enabled it to be a free to enter.

The first marathon in 2015 was extremely successful. Over 400 people entered and over 300 completed the marathon. This happened with little publicity. The marathon caught the imagination of the local people in Cumberland County.

The second marathon in 2016 was also very successful. Over 650 people entered and over 500 completed the marathon. Once again this happened with little publicity but we did form a committee to spread the workload and ensure that this community event continues for many years to come.

Who knows how popular the third event will be.

Marathon Instructions

  1. Hikers of any age are eligible to register for the Hiking Marathon.
  2. It is free to register.
  3. Download the trail descriptions, logsheet and map of all the trails.
  4. If you complete all 26.2 miles of trails of the Full Marathon you will recive a T-shirt and patch at the Hit the Trails Festival on Saturday October 7th.
  5. If you complete at least 13.1 miles of trails you get the T-shirt and bragging rights that you have completed a Half Marathon.
  6. If you complete at least one trail you will get a T-shirt but no bragging rights.
  7. Any dog that is registered and hikes at least one trail will receive a bandana.
  8. Review the documents and decide if you would like to register. 
  9. Click on the "Register Here" link above and submit your registration any time between August 1st and August 31st. You will receive an automatic confirmation email.
  10. Have a great time hiking the trails in the month of September.
  11. As soon as you have completed all your hikes submit your logsheet in accordance with the instructions on the logsheet.
  12. Come along the Fairfield Glade "Hit the Trails" Festival on Saturday October 7th and pick up your T-sirt and patch....... and enjoy all that the festival has to offer.