Operating Procedures

  1. Annual membership dues are $25.00, of which $10.00 goes to the Fisheries Management Fund and $15.00 goes to the General Fund for Club operating expenses
  2. Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the last Thursday of each month, January through September, at Fairfield Glade Community Church 521Snead Drive.
  3. Tournaments are held approximately every two weeks during March through early October. The tournament schedule is proposed by the Club officers and voted on by the membership before the season begins. (See Tournament Rules for additional details.)
  4. Cash prizes are awarded for individual tournaments throughout the year, and a trophy is awarded for the big fish in each tournament.
  5. A fish-off is held in October of each year among members who have qualified by meeting attendance, tournament participation, and support of Club activities. (See Fish-off Rules for additional details.)
  6. Trophies are awarded at an annual banquet in October based on a point system for determining the best anglers of the year, and trophies and cash prizes are awarded for the fish-off.
  7. A Fisheries Management fund is maintained by the Club to be used for actions to improve fishing in FFG lakes. The fund is supported by $10.00 from the annual membership dues and donations by the members and public.
  8. Throughout the year, the Club works to improve fish habitat in FFG lakes by placing structure and stocking forage fish in cooperation with the FFG Biologist and Lakes Committee.
  9. The Club also supports the FFG July 4th Kid’s Tournament and other efforts to help children learn and enjoy fishing.
  10. Decisions of the club, including financial decisions and changes to these operating procedures or tournament and fish-off rules will be by a simple majority vote of members present at regular meetings or at any special meeting, provided members are given notice of the time, place, and purpose of the meeting at least 72 hours in advance.